Tiburon Careers

Tiburon Careers

Tiburon is seeking qualified individuals in four areas:

  • Principals: We are seeking principals who can leverage our research and significant lead flow by working with Tiburon clients to identify new consulting projects, propose & sell new projects, and execute those projects
  • Marketing Analysts: We are seeking three professionals to build a digital marketing & events department. All three roles will work closely together and will report directly to the firm's managing partner. All three roles require experience. All three roles are in Tiburon, CA. One roll shall be responsible for completing the firm's transition of its 500K contacts database to Salesforce and launching its usefulness. The second role will be responsible for managing our events (bi-weekly research calls & semi-annual Tiburon CEO Summits in New York, NY & San Francisco, CA). And the third role will be responsible for organizing and improving our client communication efforts (web site redesign; weekly research releases; press releases; social media; inbound communications). All three new employees will assimilate by learning key fundamental skills of client emailing, database building, and research production for first 30-90 days. Compensation is hourly, meaning you will be paid for overtime. Compensation is likely to average $60K-$80K depending on experience and overtime. Job rotations are possible after six months and success at stated goals. All three roles to be exposed to Tiburon's CEO level clients through semi-annual Tiburon CEO Summits (the next of which is October in San Francisco).
  • Production & Research Analysts: We are seeking well-trained, self-motivated, adaptable, and detail focused individuals to fulfill several openings as production & research analysts
  • Communications Assistants: We are seeking reliable independent contractors to execute targeted email campaigns

Careers Process

Prior to applying for any Tiburon role, please:

  • Thoroughly review Tiburon’s web site to gain a comprehensive understanding of the firm’s products & events (which include its research, the Tiburon Research Assess Program, & its semi-annual Tiburon CEO Summits), its services (which include its market seminars, market research projects, strategy consulting projects, & retainers, executive counseling, & board roles), and its research processes and document structures
  • Also please visit the web sites of leading strategy consulting firms such as McKinsey & Company, Boston Consulting Group, and Bain & Company to better understand the strategy consulting industry, and understand Tiburon’s position within the broader market
  • There are even two books in the library called The McKinsey Way and The McKinsey Mind. Reading such would prepare one well for an interview at Tiburon

If you are interested in applying for any Tiburon role, please email a cover letter explaining how you would fulfill this job’s specific requirements and include a resume. Please send these to Careers@TiburonAdvisors.Com. Tiburon will contact qualified candidates promptly. Thanks & good luck!