Industry Experience

The Charles Schwab Corporation founder Chuck Schwab and Tiburon Managing Principal Chip Roame debate industry views at a recent Schwab conference

Tiburon believes that good business strategy requires more than just good research; it also requires solid judgment. Tiburon believes that this sound judgment can only be learned through front-line decision making at a senior level. As a result, a tenant of the firm's recruiting strategy is that Tiburon principals have served in senior capacities in the brokerage and investments marketplaces at industry leaders such as The Charles Schwab Corporation. Without this industry experience, one may trust their business strategy to the academic community which may lead to intellectually interesting, but often practically irrelevant, strategies.

Furthermore, since forming the firm, Tiburon has been engaged by over 300 banks, brokerage firms, insurance companies, mutual fund companies, and other financial services firms, and completed over 1,100 client projects. As a result, Tiburon brings a depth of knowledge on industry dynamics, marketing and pricing strategies, and other issues even prior to the commencement of client projects. Nothing can replace experience.

Tiburon Principal Industry Experience Requirement

Tiburon recognizes that it is engaged by its clients because of its unique combination of written industry knowledge, research capabilities, consulting skills, and industry experience. The firm has its industry knowledge committed to paper in tens-of-thousands of presentation pages. Its research capabilities are exemplified by both its financial advisor benchmarking tools and the dozens of custom research projects that the firm completes each year. And its consulting skills were developed through prior experience at leading firms such as McKinsey & Company and subsequently refined to apply specifically to Tiburon's financial services industry clients. That all said, the firm requires all Tiburon principals to have had extensive senior-level industry experience because the firm believes that this experience is critical to making real-world business decisions. For instance, prior to starting Tiburon and after serving as a consultant at McKinsey & Company, Tiburon's Managing Principal Chip Roame was the Vice President of Business Strategy at The Charles Schwab Corporation.

Tiburon's industry experience is complimented by its Industry Knowledge, Consulting Skills, and Research Capabilities which allows it to provide a unique offering of strategy consulting, market research, and other related services to financial institutions and investment managers.